Striped Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

Here’s a pattern for a very simple infinity scarf. Basically, you need to make a giant chain, join it, and add rows of whatever stitches you want, with whatever colors you want. It’s a fun scarf because you can easily make it your own by changing the colors, types of stitches, number or rows, etc. If you’re a beginner, now’s your chance to pretend you made your own crochet pattern!



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Materials (This is what I used; you can use pretty much any yarns and hooks you want.)

  • H hook
  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn in eggplant (color 1) and purple mist (color 2)


  • Ch: chain
  • Sl: slip stitch
  • Sc: single crochet
  • Hdc: half double crochet
  • Dc: double crochet
  • Tc: treble crochet

Important tips

  • Ending a row requires a slip stitch. If you’re about to change colors, use your next color for the slip stitch.
  • You don’t have to cut the yarn every time you switch colors. When you’re making your small chain at the beginning of each row, just cross the two pieces of yarn over each other in between each chain. The the next color will be conveniently at the top of the chain when you start your next row. It will be a little bumpy, but worth it since you have no ends, unless of course you enjoy weaving in ends. (If you want to use more than two colors, it might get complicated, but you can figure something out. 😉 )


  1. Using color 1, make a giant loop of relatively loose chain stitches. Mine has about 200. Make yours the same length you want your scarf to be. Once you’ve chained enough, join the two ends with a slip stitch. (Be careful not to twist the chain when you’re joining, unless you’re doing that on purpose, which is perfectly fine.)
  2. DC row: Still with color 1, ch 3. This small chain counts as your first dc. Dc in each ch around. (I just used the back loop of each ch.) Join to your first dc (the top of the small chain) with a slip stitch. Make sure your scarf is still the length you want it to be. If it looks too long or too short, you may want to undo that row and change the length of your chain.
  3. HDC row: With color 2, ch 2. Hdc in each dc around. Join with sl.
  4. TC row: With color 1, ch 4. Tc in each hdd around. Join with sl.
  5. Repeat rows 2, 3, and 4, but with colors 2, 1, and 2, respectively.
  6. Repeat rows 2, 3, and 4, with colors 1, 2, and 1.
  7. DC row: With color 2, ch 3. Dc in each tc around. Join with sl.
  8. SC row: With color 1, ch 1. Sc in each dc around. Join with sl. (I’m sc-ing because I was running out of color 1. 😛 Continue as before if you want.)
  9. HDC row: With color 2, ch 2. Hdc in each sc around.
  10. Fasten off and weave in ends.
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4 Responses to Striped Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

  1. What a pretty infinity scarf! Thank you very much! 🙂
    Lee Ann


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